British Holiday and Home Parks Association, David Bellamy Conservations Awards

British Holiday and Home Parks Association, David Bellamy Conservations Awards
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2016 Scheme looking like a winner

July 1, 2016

It’s our favourite time of the year here at the David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme. The summer holidays are almost upon us, the holiday home, camping and caravanning parks that are taking part this year are all working hard to give their guests and residents a wonderful time and our assessors are heading out into the field to look at what participating parks are doing for the environment.

The great new is that interest in the scheme has been high this year with more parks taking part than in 2015. Although it’s early days, the reports that we are getting back from our assessors is that the work that’s being done is of a really high standard, with many of the parks that have already been assessed achieving Gold awards.

This is the second year we are running our Honey Bee Pledge with the British Beekeeepers Association and initial indications are that more parks have decided to take the pledge this year.

Already we’ve had word of bee borders being planted up and fields being transformed from pesticide-sprayed monocultures into wonderful wildflower meadows. Honeysuckle, heather and banks of foxgloves are just some of the pollinator-friendly planting that has been put in. One park has even set up an ‘adopt a bee planter scheme’ whereby guests can look after a planter which has been planted specifically with bee friendly species.

Special areas have been set aside for bee hives, local bee-keepers have been brought in to help and bee hotels have been set up. A good number of parks now have home-grown honey on sale and many other are spreading the word about bee conservation in a wide range of ways - producing leaflets and activity sheets suitable for all ages and putting up signage to let everyone know what they are doing and why.